1 Chronicles 12:16
(16-18) Some Benjamite and Judaean accessions. The names are not given, why we cannot tell.

(16) To the hold.--See Note on 1Chronicles 12:8.

Verse 16. - In addition to the Gadites, some others of Benjamin and Judah join David.

12:1-22 Here is an account of those who appeared and acted as David's friends, while he was persecuted. No difficulties or dangers should keep the sinner from coming to the Savior, nor drive the believer from the path of duty. Those who break through, and overcome in these attempts, will find abundant recompence. From the words of Amasai we may learn how to testify our affection and allegiance to the Lord Jesus; his we must be throughly; on his side we must be forward to appear and act. If we are under the influence of the Spirit, we shall desire to have our lot among them, and to declare ourselves on their side; if in faith and love we embrace the cause of Christ, he will receive, employ, and advance us.And there came of the men of Benjamin, and of Judah,.... Besides those before mentioned, 1 Chronicles 12:2,

to the hold unto David; the same as in 1 Chronicles 12:8.

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