1 Chronicles 13:2
(2) All the congregation of Israel.--As represented by the Council of Chiefs, who, according to the passage in Samuel, were 30,000 i?? number.

And that it be.--Rather, and if it be. The clause is not dependent. David says: "If before you (the thing be) good, and if (the motion come) from Jehovah." The former phrase recurs in Nehemiah 2:5; Nehemiah 2:7, and is late Hebrew; the latter is illustrated by Genesis 24:50.

Let us send abroad.--Literally, break we forth, send we, i.e., let us send with all despatch.

Everywhere.--Not in the Hebrew.

Land.--Hebrew, lands or territories, i.e., of the various tribes. Comp. Genesis 26:3-4, where the same plural implies the partition of Canaan into many smaller national domains.

In their cities and Suburbs.--In the cities of their pastures. The Levites appear to have occupied themselves with pastoral pursuits when not engaged in the services of religion (comp. 1Chronicles 6:57 seq.).

That they may gather themselves unto us.--The result would be a great addition to an already large gathering. However, it does not follow that every one to whom the summons came would be willing or able to obey it. The invitation was, in fact, a kind of formal proclamation to the entire people of a solemn act of national importance.

Verse 2. - Left in all the land. Some think that this phrase points to the destruction that had been widespread by the Philistines.

13:1-5 David said not, What magnificent thing shall I do now? or, What pleasant thing? but, What pious thing? that he might have the comfort and benefit of that sacred oracle. Let us bring the ark to us, that it may be a blessing to us. Those who honour God, profit themselves. It is the wisdom of those setting out in the world, to take God's ark with them. Those are likely to go on in the favour of God, who begin in the fear of God.And David said unto all the congregation of Israel,.... To the above persons, as representatives of it:

if it seem good unto you, and that it be of the Lord our God; if it could be thought by them a good and useful thing, and agreeable to the will of God, and would make for his glory:

let us send abroad unto our brethren everywhere that are left in all the land of Israel; that were not then present with them, even all the common people; whom David, though king, owns as his brethren; nor is his antitype ashamed to own this relation between him and his people, Hebrews 2:11.

and with them also to the priests and Levites which are in their cities and suburbs: given to them in the several tribes to dwell in, see 1 Chronicles 6:54,

that they may gather themselves unto us; at a certain time and place appointed.

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