2 Chronicles 24:24
(24) For the army of the Syrians.--This verse is explanatory of 2Chronicles 24:23. Literally, For with fewness of men had the host of Syria come, and Jehovah had given into their hand a host in exceeding abundance. "Fewness of men" (mic'ar 'an?shim) is a phrase not found elsewhere. (Comp. Genesis 19:20.) The parallel account informs us that Hazael had intended to march against Jerusalem in person, as it would seem, after the battle in which the Syrian division had defeated the Jewish princes. Joash, however, bribed his for bearance by a present of the treasures of the Temple and palace (2Kings 12:18).

So they executed judgment against Joash.--A phrase always used of Divine requital. (Comp. Exodus 12:12; Ezekiel 5:10.) (The construction here is unique: "they did judgments with Joash," whereas the ordinary form would be, "they did judgments in Joash." )

As compared with Kings, the present narrative regards the Syrian invasion from a prophetic and religious point of view, and, therefore, while it omits certain details which are there clearly specified, it is careful to mention such facts as most vividly point its moral, e.g., the destruction of the idolatrous princes, and the rout of "a great host" by the attack of "a small company."

Verse 24. - Came with a small company... the Lord delivered a very great host (so Leviticus 26:8; Deuteronomy 28:25, etc.). So they executed judgment against Joash. The Hebrew says literally, "and on Joash they executed judgments." What the judgments were we do not read, but surely it is probable that they are glanced at in the next verse, "For they left him in great [or, 'many'] diseases," or perhaps "in great illness" (2 Chronicles 21:15).

24:15-27 See what a great judgment on any prince or people, the death of godly, zealous, useful men is. See how necessary it is that we act in religion from inward principle. Then the loss of a parent, a minister, or a friend, will not be losing our religion. Often both princes and inferior people have been flattered to their ruin. True grace alone will enable a man to bring forth fruit unto the end. Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada, being filled with the Spirit of prophecy, stood up, and told the people of their sin. This is the work of ministers, by the word of God, as a lamp and a light, to discover the sin of men, and expound the providences of God. They stoned Zechariah to death in the court of the house of the Lord. Observe the dying martyr's words: The Lord look upon it, and require it! This came not from a spirit of revenge, but a spirit of prophecy. God smote Joash with great diseases, of body, or mind, or both, before the Syrians departed from him. If vengeance pursue men, the end of one trouble will be but the beginning of another. His own servants slew him. These judgments are called the burdens laid upon him, for the wrath of God is a heavy burden, too heavy for any man to bear. May God help us to take warning, to be upright in heart, and to persevere in his ways to the end.For the army of the Syrians came with a small company of men,.... It consisted but of few:

and the Lord delivered a very great host into their hand; which the king of Judah and his princes had got together to oppose them:

because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers; therefore the Lord forsook them, and gave them up into the hand of their enemies:

so they executed judgment against Joash; were the instruments God made use of to execute his vengeance on him for his idolatry and murder.

2 Chronicles 24:23
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