2 Chronicles 32:13
(13) What I and my fathers have done.--The Assyrian kings are fond of such references to their predecessors.

The people of other lands.--Rather, the peoples of the countries.

Those lands.--The countries.

Their lands.--Their country. The chronicler omits the names of the vanquished states given in 2Kings 18:34, some of which had probably become obscure by lapse of time.

Assurbanipal relates that in his eighth campaign he carried off the gods of Elam with the other spoils: "His gods, his goddesses, his furniture, his goods, people small and great, I carried off to Assyria;" and he adds the names of nineteen of these deities.

Verse 13. - Some of these deeds of Sennacherib and his fathers, i.e. predecessors in the kingdom of Assyria, are mentioned in detail in 2 Kings 17, passim.

32:1-23 Those who trust God with their safety, must use proper means, else they tempt him. God will provide, but so must we also. Hezekiah gathered his people together, and spake comfortably to them. A believing confidence in God, will raise us above the prevailing fear of man. Let the good subjects and soldiers of Jesus Christ, rest upon his word, and boldly say, Since God is for us, who can be against us? By the favour of God, enemies are lost, and friends gained.Hath not the same Hezekiah taken away his high places,.... For the sense of this and the three following verses, see the notes on Isaiah 36:17; see Gill on Isaiah 36:18, Isaiah 36:19, Isaiah 36:20
2 Chronicles 32:12
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