2 Samuel 20:13
20:4-13 Joab barbarously murdered Amasa. The more plot there is in a sin, the worse it is. Joab contentedly sacrificed the interest both of the king and the kingdom to his personal revenge. But one would wonder with what face a murderer could pursue a traitor; and how, under such a load of guilt, he had courage to enter upon danger: his conscience was seared.When he was removed out of the highway,.... Into the field, and covered over with a cloth, that he could not be seen:

all the people went on after Joab; made no stop at all, knowing nothing of the matter, or what had happened:

to pursue after Sheba the son of Bichri; these were the troops that Amasa had been assembling, which followed one another after him; for Joab and Abishai, with their men, were at Gibeon first.

2 Samuel 20:12
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