2 Samuel 23:27
Abiezer the Anathothite, Mebunnai the Hushathite,
Cross References
Joshua 21:18
Anathoth, and Almon--four cities, together with their pasturelands.

2 Samuel 21:18
Some time later at Gob, there was another battle with the Philistines. At that time Sibbecai the Hushathite killed Saph, one of the descendants of Rapha.

1 Chronicles 11:28
Ira son of Ikkesh the Tekoite, Abiezer the Anathothite,

Treasury of Scripture
Abiezer the Anethothite, Mebunnai the Hushathite,


1 Chronicles 11:28
Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite, Abiezer the Antothite,


1 Chronicles 27:12
The ninth captain for the ninth month was Abiezer the Anetothite, of the Benjamites: and in his course were twenty and four thousand.


1 Chronicles 11:19
And said, My God forbid it me, that I should do this thing: shall I drink the blood of these men that have put their lives in jeopardy? for with the jeopardy of their lives they brought it. Therefore he would not drink it. These things did these three mightiest.



2 Samuel 23:26
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