Acts 5:11
And great fear came over the whole church and all who heard about these events.
Cross References
Acts 2:43
A sense of awe came over everyone, and the apostles performed many wonders and signs.

Acts 5:5
On hearing these words, Ananias fell down and died. And great fear came over all who heard what had happened.

Acts 9:31
Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee, and Samaria experienced a time of peace. It grew in strength and numbers, living in the fear of the Lord and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

Treasury of Scripture
And great fear came on all the church, and on as many as heard these things.

Acts 5:5
And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.

Acts 19:17
And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

Psalm 89:7
God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.


Acts 5:10
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