Ezekiel 22:18
"Son of man, the house of Israel has become dross to Me. All of them are copper, tin, iron, and lead inside the furnace; they are but the dross of silver.
Cross References
Psalm 119:119
All the wicked on earth You discard like dross; therefore I love Your testimonies.

Proverbs 17:3
A crucible for silver and a furnace for gold, but the LORD is the tester of hearts.

Proverbs 25:4
Remove the dross from the silver, and a vessel for a silversmith will come forth.

Isaiah 1:22
Your silver has become dross; your fine wine is diluted with water.

Isaiah 48:10
See, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.

Jeremiah 6:28
All are hardened rebels, walking around as slanderers. They are bronze and iron; all of them are corrupt.

Lamentations 4:1
How the gold has become tarnished, the pure gold has become dull! The gems of the temple lie scattered on every street corner.

Ezekiel 22:17
Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying,

Ezekiel 22:19
Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: 'Because all of you have become dross, behold, I will gather you into Jerusalem.

Daniel 3:6
And whoever does not fall down and worship will immediately be thrown into the blazing fiery furnace."

Treasury of Scripture
Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross: all they are brass, and tin, and iron, and lead, in the middle of the furnace; they are even the dross of silver.

the house

Psalm 119:119
Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.

Isaiah 1:22
Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water:

Jeremiah 6:28-30
They are all grievous revolters, walking with slanders: they are brass and iron; they are all corrupters…


Ezekiel 22:20
As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you.

Isaiah 48:4
Because I knew that thou art obstinate, and thy neck is an iron sinew, and thy brow brass;

Lamentations 4:1,2
How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! the stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the top of every street…

in the midst

Proverbs 17:3
The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.

Isaiah 31:9
And he shall pass over to his strong hold for fear, and his princes shall be afraid of the ensign, saith the LORD, whose fire is in Zion, and his furnace in Jerusalem.

Isaiah 48:10
Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.

dross [heb] drosses


Ezekiel 22:17
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