Ezekiel 35:1
Moreover, the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
Cross References
Isaiah 34:5
When My sword has drunk its fill in the heavens, then it will come down upon Edom, upon the people I have devoted to destruction.

Isaiah 63:1
Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah with crimson-stained garments? Who is this robed in splendor, marching in the greatness of His strength? "It is I, proclaiming vindication, mighty to save."

Ezekiel 34:31
You are My flock, the sheep of My pasture, My people, and I am your God,' declares the Lord GOD."

Ezekiel 35:2
"Son of man, set your face against Mount Seir and prophesy against it,

Amos 1:11
This is what the LORD says: "For three transgressions of Edom, even four, I will not revoke My judgment, because he pursued his brother with the sword and stifled all compassion; his anger raged continually, and his fury flamed incessantly.

Treasury of Scripture
Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying,


Ezekiel 34:31
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