Genesis 38:30
Then his brother came out with the scarlet thread around his wrist, and he was named Zerah.
Cross References
1 Chronicles 2:4
Tamar, Judah's daughter-in-law, bore to him Perez and Zerah. Judah had five sons in all.

Nehemiah 11:24
Pethahiah son of Meshezabel, a descendant of Zerah son of Judah, was the king's agent in every matter concerning the people.

Treasury of Scripture
And afterward came out his brother, that had the scarlet thread on his hand: and his name was called Zarah.


1 Chronicles 9:6
And of the sons of Zerah; Jeuel, and their brethren, six hundred and ninety.


Matthew 1:3
And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar; and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram;



Genesis 38:29
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