Jeremiah 7:15
And I will cast you out of My presence, just as I have cast out all your brothers, all the descendants of Ephraim.
Cross References
Numbers 1:32
From the sons of Joseph: From the sons of Ephraim, according to the records of their clans and families, counting the names of all those twenty years of age or older who could serve in the army,

Psalm 51:11
Cast me not away from Your presence; take not Your Holy Spirit from me.

Psalm 78:67
He rejected the tent of Joseph and refused the tribe of Ephraim.

Isaiah 7:16
For before the boy knows enough to reject evil and choose good, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste.

Jeremiah 9:19
For the sound of wailing is heard from Zion: 'How devastated we are! How great is our shame! For we have abandoned the land because our dwellings have been torn down.'"

Jeremiah 15:1
Then the LORD said to me: "Even if Moses and Samuel should stand before Me, My heart would not go out to this people. Send them from My presence, and let them go.

Jeremiah 23:39
therefore I will surely forget you and will cast you out of My presence, both you and the city that I gave to you and your fathers.

Jeremiah 52:3
For because of the anger of the LORD, all this happened in Jerusalem and Judah, until He finally banished them from His presence. And Zedekiah also rebelled against the king of Babylon.

Ezekiel 23:31
Because you have followed the path of your sister, I will put her cup into your hand.'

Hosea 7:13
Woe to them, for they have strayed from Me! Destruction to them, for they have rebelled against Me! Though I would redeem them, they speak lies against Me.

Hosea 9:13
I have seen Ephraim, like Tyre, planted in a meadow. But Ephraim will bring out his children for slaughter.

Hosea 12:1
Ephraim chases the wind and pursues the east wind all day long; he multiplies lies and violence; he makes a covenant with Assyria and sends olive oil to Egypt.

Jonah 2:4
At this, I said, 'I have been banished from Your sight; yet I will look once more toward Your holy temple.'

Treasury of Scripture
And I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brothers, even the whole seed of Ephraim.

I will.

Jeremiah 3:8
And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also.

Jeremiah 15:1
Then said the LORD unto me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth.

Jeremiah 23:39
Therefore, behold, I, even I, will utterly forget you, and I will forsake you, and the city that I gave you and your fathers, and cast you out of my presence:

the whole.

2 Chronicles 15:9
And he gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and the strangers with them out of Ephraim and Manasseh, and out of Simeon: for they fell to him out of Israel in abundance, when they saw that the LORD his God was with him.

Psalm 78:67,68
Moreover he refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim: …

Hosea 9:3
They shall not dwell in the LORD'S land; but Ephraim shall return to Egypt, and they shall eat unclean things in Assyria.


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