Job 24:3
They drive away the donkey of the fatherless and take the widow's ox in pledge.
Cross References
Exodus 22:26
If you take your neighbor's cloak as collateral, return it to him by sunset,

Deuteronomy 24:17
Do not deny justice to the foreigner or the fatherless, and do not take a widow's cloak as security.

Job 6:27
You would even cast lots for an orphan and barter away your friend.

Job 22:6
For you needlessly demanded security from your brothers and deprived the naked of their clothing.

Job 22:9
You sent widows away empty-handed, and the strength of the fatherless was crushed.

Treasury of Scripture
They drive away the ass of the fatherless, they take the widow's ox for a pledge.


Job 22:6-9
For thou hast taken a pledge from thy brother for nought, and stripped the naked of their clothing…

Job 31:16,17
If I have withheld the poor from their desire, or have caused the eyes of the widow to fail; …

Deuteronomy 24:6,10-13,17-21
No man shall take the nether or the upper millstone to pledge: for he taketh a man's life to pledge…


Job 24:2
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