Lamentations 4:8
But now their appearance is blacker than soot; they are not recognized in the streets. Their skin has shriveled on their bones; it has become as dry as a stick.
Cross References
Luke 10:11
Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet, we wipe off as a testimony against you. Yet be sure of this: The kingdom of God is near.'

Job 19:20
My skin and flesh cling to my bones; I have escaped by the skin of my teeth.

Job 30:30
My skin grows black and peels, and my bones burn with fever.

Psalm 102:3
For my days vanish like smoke, and my bones burn like glowing embers.

Psalm 102:5
Through my loud groaning my flesh clings to my bones.

Lamentations 5:10
Our skin is as hot as an oven with fever from our hunger.

Treasury of Scripture
Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin sticks to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.


Lamentations 5:10
Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.

Job 30:17-19,30
My bones are pierced in me in the night season: and my sinews take no rest…

Joel 2:6
Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.

blacker than a coal.

Lamentations 4:1,2
How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! the stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the top of every street…

Ruth 1:19,20
So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this Naomi? …

Job 2:12
And when they lifted up their eyes afar off, and knew him not, they lifted up their voice, and wept; and they rent every one his mantle, and sprinkled dust upon their heads toward heaven.

their skins

Job 19:20
My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.

Job 33:21
His flesh is consumed away, that it cannot be seen; and his bones that were not seen stick out.

Psalm 32:4
For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah.


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