Numbers 6:23
"Tell Aaron and his sons: This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them:
Cross References
Exodus 39:43
And Moses inspected all the work and saw that they had accomplished it just as the LORD had commanded. So Moses blessed them.

Numbers 6:22
Then the LORD said to Moses,

1 Kings 8:55
And he stood and blessed the whole assembly of Israel in a loud voice, saying:

1 Chronicles 23:13
The sons of Amram: Aaron and Moses. Aaron and his descendants were set apart forever to consecrate the most holy things, to burn incense before the LORD, to minister before Him, and to pronounce blessings in His name forever.

2 Chronicles 30:27
Then the priests and the Levites stood to bless the people, and God heard their voice, and their prayer came into His holy dwelling place in heaven.

Treasury of Scripture
Speak to Aaron and to his sons, saying, On this wise you shall bless the children of Israel, saying to them,

Genesis 14:19,20
And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth: …

Genesis 24:60
And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.

Genesis 27:27-29
And he came near, and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the LORD hath blessed: …


Numbers 6:22
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