1007. Beyth 'Aven
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Beyth 'Aven: Beth-aven
Original Word: בֵּית
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Beyth 'Aven
Phonetic Spelling: (bayth aw'-ven)
Short Definition: Beth-aven

בֵּית אָ֫וֶן proper name, of a location (house of iniquity or idolatry? hardly likely unless as alteration of original בֵּית אוֺן, house of wealth or strength) eastward from Bethel Joshua 7:2; Joshua 18:12; 1 Samuel 14:23; 1 Samuel 13:5 ׳בֵּיתאֿ (on Hosea 4:15; Hosea 5:8; Hosea 10:5 see ֵ˜בּיתְאֵל below); site unknown.


From bayith and 'aven; house of vanity; Beth- Aven, a place in Palestine -- Beth-aven.

see HEBREW bayith

see HEBREW 'aven

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