1303. barqanim
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barqanim: briars
Original Word: בַּרְקֳנִים
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: barqanim
Phonetic Spelling: (bar-kwan')
Short Definition: briers

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
NASB Translation
briers (2).

בַּרְקָנִים noun masculine plural briers (so Vrss Ki and others, also Stu q. v., Be, v unknown; compare "" קוֺצִים; > JDMich, Thes and others threshing-sledges, furnished with sharp (glittering) stones) Judges 8:7 וְדַשְׁתִּ֫י ׳אֶתבְּֿשַׂרְכֶם אֶתקֿוֺצֵי הַמִּדְבָּר וְאֶתהַֿבּ (see also דושׁ) and I will thresh your flesh together with the thorns of the wilderness and the briers; Judges 8:16 וַיֹּדַע ׳וַיִּקַּח אֶתזִֿקְנֵי הָעִיר וְאֶתקֿוֺצֵי הַמִּדְבָּר וְאֶת הַבּ בָּהֶם אֵת אַנְשֵׁי סֻכּוֺת (read וַיָּדָשׁ for וַיֹּדַע ᵐ5 BuRS 114; compare Stu Be) and he took the thorns of the wilderness and the briers and threshed, etc.


From baraq; a thorn (perhaps as burning brightly) -- brier.

see HEBREW baraq

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