1438. gada
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gada: to hew, hew down or off
Original Word: גָּדַע
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: gada
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-dah')
Short Definition: down

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to hew, hew down or off
NASB Translation
break (1), break off (1), chopped down (2), cut in pieces (1), cut it in pieces (1), cut of asunder (1), cut down (7), cut off (6), cut through (1), hew down (1).

גָּדַע verb hew, hew down or off (Late Hebrew id. (rare), Aramaic גְּדַע Ithpe`el; Arabic cut off hand or other member, mutilate) —

Qal Perfect גָּדַע Lamentations 2:3; וְגָדַעְתִּ֫י 1 Samuel 2:31; Imperfect וָאָגְדַּע Zechariah 11:10,14; Participle passive גְּדוּעָה Isaiah 15:2 (so many editions but) Baer גְּרוּעָה; compare below, גְּדֻעִים Isaiah 10:33; — hew, cut in two, a staff Zechariah 11:10,14; metaphor hew off, an arm 1 Samuel 2:31; horns Lamentations 2:3; hew down, trees Isaiah 10:33; if in Isaiah 15:2 then = shave off (object זקן, beard), but no other indication of this meaning, and true ᵑ0 גְּרוּעָה, compare Baer's note & Jeremiah 48:37; see גרע.

Niph`al Perfect נִגְדַּע Judges 21:6 נֶגְדַּע Jeremiah 50:23; 3feminine singular נִגְדְּעָה Jeremiah 48:25; וְנִגְדְּעָה consecutive Isaiah 22:25; 2masculine singular נִגְדַּעְתָּ Isaiah 14:12; 3plural וְנִגְדְּעוּ consecutive Ezekiel 6:6; Amos 3:14; — be hewn off, of altar-horns Amos 3:14, of idols Ezekiel 6:6 ("" נשׁבר); of severance of a tribe from nation Judges 21:6; figurative of king of Babylon Isaiah 14:12; of Babylon as hammer Jeremiah 50:23 ("" נשׁבר); of a minister, under figure of secure peg or pin Isaiah 22:25; of horn of Moab Jeremiah 48:25 ("" נשׁבר).

Pi`el Perfect גִּדַּע2Chronicles 34:7, גִּדֵּ֑עַ2Chronicles 34:4; Psalm 107:16, וַיְגַדַּע2Chron 14:2, אֲגַדֵּ֑עַ Psalm 7:5; Isaiah 45:2, וַיְגַדְּעוּ2Chronicles 31:1; 3 masculine plural תְּגַדֵּע֑וּן Deuteronomy 7:5; Deuteronomy 12:3; — hew off, down, in two (compare Qal) of Asherîm Deuteronomy 7:5; 2Chron 14:2; 2 Chronicles 31:1, of idols Deuteronomy 12:3 (מְּסִילִים) 2 Chronicles 34:4,7 (חַמָּנִים); figurative horns of wicked Psalm 75:11; bars of iron (i.e. of Babylon's gates) Isaiah 45:2, compare Psalm 107:16.

Pu`al Perfect גֻּדָּ֑עוּ Isaiah 9:9 hew down (of trees).

cut asunder, in sunder, down, off, hew down

A primitive root; to fell a tree; generally, to destroy anything -- cut (asunder, in sunder, down, off), hew down.

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