1460. gev
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gev: among
Original Word: גֵּו
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: gev
Phonetic Spelling: (gave)
Short Definition: among

I. גֵּו noun [masculine] backגֵּו absolute unused, construct Proverbs 10:13 2t., suffix גֵּוִי Isaiah 50:6, גֵּוְךָ Isaiah 38:17, גֵּוֵךְ Isaiah 51:23; — back, as beaten, lashed Proverbs 10:13; Proverbs 19:29; Proverbs 26:3 compare Isaiah 50:6; in phrase ׳הִשְׁלִיךְ אַחֲרֵי ג (as גַּו) Isaiah 38:17, of Yahweh's casting sins of penitent behind his back, putting them out of mind; as trodden upon Isaiah 51:23, figurative of extreme humiliation.

II. גֵּו noun [masculine] midst, Aramaism (compare Aramaic גַּוָּא, גֵּו middle, Late Hebrew גֵּו midst, interior; id., belly, Arabic midst) Job 30:5 מִןגֵּֿו יְגֹרָ֑שׁוּ from the midst (of men) they are driven; Rosenm and others compare CiceroOff. iii. 8: e medio pelluntur.

among, back, body

From ga'ah (corresponding to gab); the back; by analogy, the middle -- + among, back, body.

see HEBREW ga'ah

see HEBREW gab

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