1681. dibbah
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dibbah: whispering, defamation, evil report
Original Word: דִּבָּה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: dibbah
Phonetic Spelling: (dib-baw')
Short Definition: report

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from dabab
whispering, defamation, evil report
NASB Translation
bad report (2), bad* (2), evil report (1), report (2), slander (2), whispering (2).

דִּבָּה noun feminine whispering, defamation, evil report (? as that which glides stealthily) — absolute ׳ד Numbers 14:36; Proverbs 10:18; construct דִּבַּת Jeremiah 20:10 4t.; suffix דִּבָּֽתְךָ Proverbs 25:10 דִּבָּתָם Genesis 37:2; —

1 whispering Psalm 31:14; Jeremiah 20:10 (Hi Hup De Gf VB; yet compare Che Psalm).

2 defamation Proverbs 10:18 (with הוציא).

3 evil report, specifically a (true) report of evil doing Genesis 37:2 (P) וַיָּבֵא אֶתדִּֿבָּתָם רָעָה; compare also Proverbs 25:10 & Ezekiel 36:3 וֵַ˜תּעֲלוּ עַלשְֿׂפַת לָשׁוֺן וְדִבַּתעָֿ֑ם, unfavourable report of spies Numbers 13:32; Numbers 14:36,37 (all P & all with הוֺצִיא; adjective רעה only Numbers 14:37).

defaming, evil report, infamy, slander

From dabab (in the sense of furtive motion); slander -- defaming, evil report, infamy, slander.

see HEBREW dabab

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