1986. halam
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halam: to smite, hammer, strike down
Original Word: הָלַם
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: halam
Phonetic Spelling: (haw-lam')
Short Definition: beat

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to smite, hammer, strike down
NASB Translation
beat (2), beats (1), overcome (1), smash (1), smite (1), struck (1), trampled down (1).

[הָלַם] verb smite, hammer, strike down (compare Phoenician מהלם below below מַהֲלֻמוֺת); —

Qal Perfect3feminine singular וְהָֽלְמָה consecutive Judges 5:26; 3plural הָֽלְמוּ Judges 5:22; Isaiah 16:8; suffix הֲלָמוּנִי Proverbs 23:25; Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יֶהֶלְמֵנִי Psalm 141:5; 3masculine plural יַהֲלֹמ֑וּן Psalm 74:6; Participle active ה֫וֺלָם מָּ֑עַם Isaiah 41:7 (compare Ges§ 29, 3 b); passive construct הֲלוּמֵי Isaiah 28:1; — smite (with hammer), followed by accusative of person Judges 5:26 (fatally; "" מָחַק, מָחַץ); also figurative of correction, discipline Psalm 141:5 ("" הוֺכִּיחַ); of intoxicating, wine גֶּפֶן שִׂבְמָה בַּעֲלֵי גוֺיִם הָֽלְמוּ שְׂרוּקֶּיהָ Isaiah 16:8 the vine of Sibma, its choice branches smote down lords of nations (so Hi De Che Brd Di and others, RVm; lords subject according to Ges Ew and others AV RV); also הֲלוּמֵי יַיִן smitten down by wine Isaiah 28:1; compare further Proverbs 23:35; followed by accusative of thing ה֫וֺלָםמָּֿ֑עְם Isaiah 41:7 one striking an anvil; smite down, or strike off Psalm 74:6 (object פִתּוּחִים carved work); also absolute of horse' hoofs Judges 5:22. — On וַהֲלֹם 1 Samuel 14:16 see הֲלֹם.

beat down, break down, overcome, smite with the hammer

A primitive root; to strike down; by implication, to hammer, stamp, conquer, disband -- beat (down), break (down), overcome, smite (with the hammer).

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