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on: vigor, wealth
Original Word: אוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: on
Phonetic Spelling: (one)
Short Definition: strength

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
vigor, wealth
NASB Translation
maturity (1), might (2), power (1), strength (3), strong men (1), vigor (1), vigorous (1), virility (1), wealth (2).

I. אוֺן noun masculine vigour, wealth — absolute Hosea 12:9, suffix אוֺנִי Genesis 49:3 + etc.; plural אוֺנִים Psalm 78:51 +.

1 manly vigour בְּאוֺנוֺ שָׂרָה אֶתאֱֿלֹהִים Hosea 12:4 (of Jacob); רֵאשִׁית אוֺן beginning of manly vigour Genesis 49:3 (of Reuben, first-born of Jacob); Deuteronomy 21:17; Psalm 105:36 (firstborn Egyptians), so Psalm 78:51, רֵאשִׁית אוֺנִים where ׳א is assimilated to מִצְרַיִם, or intensive plural

2 strength of man Job 18:7,12; behemoth Job 40:16; plural intensive מֵרֹב אוֺנִים Isaiah 40:26 because of the abundance of great strength (of God); of man אֵין אוֺנִים Isaiah 40:29 one not having strength; תּוֺחֶלֶת אוֺנִים Proverbs 11:7 hope in strength (not the hope of iniquity RV, or of unjust men AV).

3 wealth Job 20:10; Hosea 12:9 לִי ׳מָצָאתִי א ("" עָשַׁרְתִּי).

force, goods, might, strength, substance

Probably from the same as 'aven (in the sense of effort, but successful); ability, power, (figuratively) wealth -- force, goods, might, strength, substance.

see HEBREW 'aven

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