2218. Zered
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Zered: a wadi East of the Dead Sea
Original Word: זָ֫רֶד
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Zered
Phonetic Spelling: (zeh'-red)
Short Definition: Zered

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a wadi E. of the Dead Sea
NASB Translation
Zered (4).

זֶ֫רֶד proper name, of a river (√ dubious; on form compare LgBN 77) — נַחַל זֶ֫רֶד Deuteronomy 2:13; נַחַל זָרֶ֑ד Numbers 21:12 (JE), Deuteronomy 2:13,14; identification disputed; RobBR ii. 157 proposes Wady-el-Aµsy (= נַחַל הָעֲרָבִים Isaiah 15:7), between Moab & Edom; < either Sail Sa±îde (Kn), chief source of Arnon from southeast (BurckhSyrien, 635), or west Kerak (Ges Ke Di); so also GASmGeog. 557.

Zared, Zered

From an unused root meaning to be exuberant in growth; lined with shrubbery; Zered, a brook East of the Dead Sea -- Zared, Zered.

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