2255. chabal
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chabal: to destroy, hurt
Original Word: חֲבַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chabal
Phonetic Spelling: (khab-al')
Short Definition: destroyed

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to chabal
to destroy, hurt
NASB Translation
destroy (2), destroyed (3), harmed (1).

[חֲבַל] verb Pa`el destroy, hurt (see Biblical Hebrew II. חבל); — Perfect3masculine plural suffix חַבְּלוּנִי Daniel 6:23 (of lions); Imperative masculine plural suffix חַבְּלוּהִי Daniel 4:20 (suffix of tree); Infinitive לְחַבָּלָה Ezra 6:12 (accusative of temple).

Hithpa. be destroyed: Imperfect3feminine singular תִּתְחַבַּל Daniel 2:44; Daniel 6:27; Daniel 7:14 (בַּ֑ל-; all of kingdom of God).

destroy, hurt

(Aramaic) corresponding to chabal; to ruin -- destroy, hurt.

see HEBREW chabal

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