2336. choach
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choach: briar, bramble, hook, ring, fetter
Original Word: ח֫וֹחַ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: choach
Phonetic Spelling: (kho'-akh)
Short Definition: bush

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
briar, bramble, hook, ring, fetter
NASB Translation
briars (1), hook (1), hooks (1), thickets (1), thistles (1), thorn (1), thorn bush (4), thorns (2).

חוֺחַ noun masculine2Kings 14:9

1 brier, bramble.

2 hook, ring, fetter; — ׳ח absolute Hosea 9:6 8t; plural חֲוָחִים 1 Samuel 13:6 (but see below), חוֺחִים Songs 2:2; חֹחִים2Chronicles 33:11; — 1. a. brier, bramble 2 Kings 14:9 (twice in verse) = 2Chronicles 25:18 (twice in verse) (allegory of Jehoash); collective, sign of desolation Hosea 9:6 ("" קִמּוֺשׁ), Isaiah 34:13 ("" קִמּוֺשׁ, סִירִים), Job 31:40 (opposed to חִטִּים); in simile of fool's parable עָלָה בְּיַדשִֿׁכּוֺר ׳ח Proverbs 26:9 a brier cometh into the hand of a drunken man (De Now Str); כְּשׁוֺשַׁנָּה בֵּין הַחוֺחִים; Songs 2:2; briers = thickets as hiding-places 1 Samuel 13:6 (but Ew We Dr חוֺרִים holes, compare 1 Samuel 14:11; see below III.חרר; "" מְעָרוֺת, סְלָעִים, צְרִחִים, בֹּרוֺת; ᵐ5 here ἐν τ. μάνδραις; 1 Samuel 14:11 ἐκ τ. τρωγλῶν. 2 late, a. hook or ring, in jaw of crocodile with תִּקֹּב Job 40:26 ("" הֲתָשִׂים אַגְמֹן בְּאַמּוֺ); of captive וַיִּלְכְּדוּ אֶתמְֿנַשֶּׁה בַּחֹחִים2Chronicles 33:11 (compare חַח).

bramble, thistle, thorn

From an unused root apparently meaning to pierce; a thorn; by analogy, a ring for the nose -- bramble, thistle, thorn.

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