2930. tame
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tame: to be or become unclean
Original Word: טָמֵא
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: tame
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-may')
Short Definition: unclean

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be or become unclean
NASB Translation
became unclean (1), become defiled (3), become unclean (6), becomes unclean (13), becoming unclean (1), been defiled (2), defile (25), defiled (38), defilement (1), defiles (5), defiling (2), made unclean (3), make himself unclean (1), make yourselves unclean (1), make...unclean (1), pronounce him unclean (9), pronounced them unclean (1), remain unclean (2), surely pronounce (1), surely pronounce him unclean (1), unclean (44).

I. טָמֵא verb be or become unclean (Late Hebrew Pi`el pollute (ceremonially); Aramaic טְמָא and especially derivatives, Pa`el pollute; see RSK 307 ff.) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ט Leviticus 11:25 22t.; 3 feminine singular טָֽמְאָה Leviticus 12:2 2t.; 2 feminine singular טָמֵאת Ezekiel 22:4; plural טָֽמְאוּ Leviticus 15:18; Imperfect יִטְמָא Leviticus 5:3 34t.; 3 feminine singular תִּטְמָא Leviticus 12:2 4t.; plural יִטְמְאוּ Psalm 106:39; Infinitive טָמְאָה Leviticus 15:32 6t.; — be or become unclean:

1 sexually, with בְּ Leviticus 18:20,23 (H), Ezekiel 23:17; the land Leviticus 18:25,27 (H).

2 religiously, with idols Ezekiel 22:3; with בְ Ezekiel 22:4; with necromancers Leviticus 19:31 (H); by sacrificing children to idols Psalm 106:39.

3 ceremonially, by contact with carcasses of unclean animals Leviticus 11:24,27,28,31,32,33,34 (twice in verse); Leviticus 11:35,36,40 (P); any carcass Leviticus 17:15 (H); eating of a carcass Leviticus 22:8 (H); by issues Leviticus 15:4,9,20 (twice in verse); Leviticus 15:24,27,32 (P); by contact with an unclean man Leviticus 5:3; Leviticus 15:4 (P), Leviticus 22:5 (H), or thing Leviticus 22:6 (H); by leprosy Leviticus 13:14,46; Leviticus 14:36,46 (P); by contact with the dead Numbers 6:12; Numbers 19:20 (P), Ezekiel 44:25, or with one unclean by such contact Numbers 19:22 (P), Haggai 2:13 (twice in verse); by contact with creeping things Leviticus 22:5 (H); certain animals were always unclean Leviticus 11:26,27 (P). In ordinary cases of uncleanness טמא עד הערב unclean till even Leviticus 11:24,25,27,28,31,32,39,40 (twice in verse); Leviticus 14:46; Leviticus 15:5; Leviticus 15:6; Leviticus 15:7; Leviticus 15:8; Leviticus 15:10 (twice in verse); Leviticus 15:11,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,27; Numbers 19:7; Numbers 19:8; Numbers 19:10; Numbers 19:21; Numbers 19:22 (all P), Leviticus 17:15; Leviticus 22:6 (H); but uncleanness lasted 7 days for woman bearings a son Leviticus 12:2 (twice in verse) (P), for lying with woman having an issue Leviticus 15:24 (P), or one coming in contact with the dead Numbers 19:11,14,16 (P); it lasted 14 days for a woman bearing a daughter Leviticus 12:5 (P).

Niph`al Perfect3masculine singular נִטְמָא Hosea 5:3; Hosea 6:10; 3feminine singular נִטְמְאָה Numbers 5:27,28; נִטְמָ֑אָה Numbers 5:13 5t.; 1 singular נִטְמֵאתִי Jeremiah 2:23; 2masculine plural נִטְמֵתֶם Leviticus 11:43 (א omitted by scribal error; but Ges and others derive from טמה), etc. + 4 t. perfect; Participle plural נִטְמְאִים Ezekiel 20:30,31; — defile oneself, be defiled:

1 sexually, Leviticus 18:24 (H), Numbers 5:13,14 (twice in verse); Numbers 5:20,27,28,29 (P).

2 by idolatry conceived as whoredom Hosea 5:3; Hosea 6:10; Jeremiah 2:23; Ezekiel 20:30,31,43; Ezekiel 23:7,13,30.

3 ceremonially, by eating creeping things Leviticus 11:43.

4 be regarded as unclean (compare Pi`el 4), probably נִטְמִינִוּ Job 18:3 we are accounted as unclean; metal. from; on another view see טמה.

Pi`el Perfect טִמֵּא Genesis 34:5 15t.; suffix טִמְּאוֺ Leviticus 13:8 3t.; 2 feminine singular טִמֵּאת Ezekiel 5:11, etc. + 7 t. Perfect; Imperfect יְטַמֵּא 2 Kings 23:8, etc. + 12 t. Imperfect; Imperative plural טַמְּאוּ Ezekiel 9:7; Infinitive טַמֵּא Leviticus 13:44 2t.; suffix טַמְּאָם Leviticus 15:31, etc. + 4 t. Infinitive; — defile:

1 sexually Genesis 34:5,13,27 (R), Ezekiel 18:6,11,15; Ezekiel 22:11; Ezekiel 33:26; the land by sexual impurities of the people Leviticus 18:28 (H); Israel by spiritual whoredom Ezekiel 23:17.

2 religiously: the land by bloodshed Numbers 35:34 (P); by allowing the dead body of the murderer to hang on the tree over night Deuteronomy 21:23; by idolatry Jeremiah 2:7; Ezekiel 36:17,18; Israel defiled the sacred places by the sacrifice of children Leviticus 20:3 (H), Ezekiel 23:38, and God defiled him thereby Ezekiel 20:26; he defileth the sacred places by idolatry 2Chronicles 36:14; Jeremiah 7:30 = Jeremiah 32:34, Ezekiel 5:11; the holy name of ׳י Ezekiel 43:7,8; Josiah defiled the idolatrous places of worship by destroying them and making them unfit for use 2 Kings 23:8,10,13,16; of Israel defiling idolatrous images Isaiah 30:22, and the nations the temple of God Psalm 79:1.

3 ceremonially: by ceremonial uncleanness, the sacred places Leviticus 15:31; Numbers 19:13,20 (P); the camp Numbers 5:3 (P); the temple by dead bodies Ezekiel 9:7; the Nazirite's head of separation by a death occurring in his presence Numbers 6:9 (P); the people defile themselves (נפשׁתיכם) by creeping things Leviticus 11:44 (P).

4 pronounce or declare ceremonially unclean: the leper Leviticus 13:3,8,11,15,20,22,25,27,30,44 (twice in verse); Leviticus 13:59 (P); unclean animals Leviticus 20:25 (H).

Pu`al Participle נַפְשִׁי לֹא מְטֻמָּאָה Ezekiel 4:14 myself is not polluted.

Hithpa`el Imperfect יִטַּמָּא Leviticus 21:1 4t.; plural יִטַּמְּאוּ Ezekiel 14:11; Ezekiel 37:23; יִטַּמָּ֑אוּ Hosea 9:4; Ezekiel 44:25, etc. + 6 t. Imperfect — reflexive, defile oneself: by eating of an unaccepted peace-offering Hosea 9:4; with בְּ Leviticus 18:24,30 (H), Leviticus 11:43 (P), Ezekiel 14:11; Ezekiel 20:7,18; Ezekiel 37:23; with לְ for a dead person Leviticus 21:1,3,11 (H), Numbers 6:7 (P); by Leviticus 11:24 (P); without preposition Leviticus 21:4 (H), Ezekiel 44:25.

Hothpa`al Perfect אַחֲרֵי אֲשֶׁר חֻטַּמָּ֑אָה Deuteronomy 24:4 after that she has been defiled (sexually); on form see Ges§ 54. 3.

טָמְאָה noun feminine uncleanness (טָֽמְאָה, Bear, seems to rest upon a misinterpretation of the form) Micah 2:10 (so Thes MV SS); of ethical uncleanness, from wrong-doing.

defile self, pollute self, be make, make self, pronounce unclean, utterly

A primitive root; to be foul, especially in a ceremial or moral sense (contaminated) -- defile (self), pollute (self), be (make, make self, pronounce) unclean, X utterly.

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