2975. yeor
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yeor: stream (of the Nile), stream, canal
Original Word: יְאֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: yeor
Phonetic Spelling: (yeh-ore')
Short Definition: Nile

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
stream (of the Nile), stream, canal
NASB Translation
canals (1), channels (1), Nile (44), Nile canals (1), river (5), rivers (10), streams (3).

יְאֹר, יְאוֺר noun masculineExodus 7:21 stream of the Nile, stream, canal (Egyptian loan-word = Egyptian °iotr, °io°r, watercourse, Coptic eioor, ior; also °iotr±o, °io°r±o, Coptic eiero, iaro, Nile, SteindBAs i. 612; in Assyrian ia°uru, stream, °Iaru°û, river Nile, Idib., Hptib. 171 Jägerib 466) — absolute הַיְאֹר Genesis 41:1 37t.; הַיְאוֺר Isaiah 19:8; הַיְאֹ֫רָה Exodus 1:22; יְאוֺר Isaiah 19:7 (3 t. in verse) + 2t.; כָּאֹר (err. for כַּיְאֹר) Amos 8:8; construct כִּיאֹר Amos 9:5; כִּיאוֺר Amos 8:8; suffix יְאֹרִי Ezekiel 29:3b (Co יאר, compare Ezekiel 29:9 and ᵑ6 ᵑ7); plural יְאֹרִים Exodus 8:1 4t.; construct יְאֹרֵי Isaiah 7:18 2t.; יְאוֺרֵי 2 Kings 19:24; suffix יְאֹרֶיךָ Ezekiel 29:4 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 29:5 + Ezekiel 29:4 (strike out ᵐ5 Co) + Ezekiel 29:10 (Co יְאֹרְךָ); יְאֹרָיו Ezekiel 29:3; יְאֹדֵיהֶם Exodus 7:19; Psalm 78:44; —

1 stream of the Nile, river Nile, usually with article Genesis 41:1,2,3 (twice in verse); Genesis 41:18; Exodus 1:22; Exodus 2:3,5 (twice in verse); Exodus 4:9 (twice in verse); Exodus 7:15,17,18 (3 t. in verse); Exodus 7:20 (twice in verse); Exodus 7:21 (3 t. in verse); Exodus 7:24 (twice in verse); Exodus 7:28; Exodus 8:5; Exodus 8:7; Exodus 17:5 (all J E), Amos 8:8; Amos 9:5; Isaiah 19:7 (3 t. in verse); Isaiah 19:8; Isaiah 23:3 ("" שִׁחֹר), Isaiah 23:10; Jeremiah 46:7,8 (simile of Egyptian invasion), Ezekiel 29:3b (read יאר, see above), Ezekiel 29:9; Zechariah 10:11; more fully יְאֹר מִצְרַיִם Amos 8:8; Amos 9:5.

2 plural:

a. Nile-arms, Nile-canals, יְאֹרֵי מִצְרַים Isaiah 7:18; יְאֹרֵי מָצוֺר Isaiah 19:6 ("" נְהָרוֺת), Isaiah 37:25 = 2 Kings 19:24; see also Nahum 3:8; Exodus 7:19; Exodus 8:1 (both P; "" נְהָרֹת, אֲגַמִּים, etc.), Psalm 78:44 ("" נֹזְלִים), Ezekiel 29:3,4 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 29:5,10 + Ezekiel 29:4 ᵑ0 (but strike out ᵐ5 Co), Ezekiel 30:12.

b. watercourses in General, יְאֹרִים רַחֲבֵי יָדָ֑יִם Isaiah 33:21 ("" נְהָרִים; compare Late Hebrew יְאוֺר, late Aramaic יְאוֺרָא).

3 shafts, made in mining Job 28:10 (בַּצּוּרוֺת).

4 יְאֹר, singular, of Tigris, Daniel 12:5 (twice in verse); Daniel 12:6,7 (compare Daniel 10:4).

כָּאֹר Amos 8:8, see יְאֹר.

כבב (√ of following, compare Sta§ 116, 3; meaning not wholly clear; Arabic is roll threads into a ball, ball of thread, but also troop of horses, band of men, etc.; Ethiopic is in orbem circum-sistere, orbis, circulus, etc.; hence perhaps star, as round, or as collected in bands clusters, constellations; Assyrian kabâbu = burn; kabâbê, shields, is written ‡abâbê by DlHWB 578).

brook, flood, river, stream

Of Egyptian origin; a channel, e.g. A fosse, canal, shaft; specifically the Nile, as the one river of Egypt, including its collateral trenches; also the Tigris, as the main river of Assyria -- brook, flood, river, stream.

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