3645. Kemosh or Kemish
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Kemosh or Kemish: a god of the Moabites
Original Word: כְּמִישׁ
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Transliteration: Kemosh or Kemish
Phonetic Spelling: (kem-oshe')
Short Definition: Chemosh

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a god of the Moabites
NASB Translation
Chemosh (8).

כְּמוֺשׁ proper name, of a divinity Chemosh (כמש MI3. 5. 9. 12. 13. 14. 18. 19. 32. 23 also עשתר כמש Jeremiah 1:17 and proper name, masculine כמשמלך Jeremiah 1:1; Assyrian Kammusunadbi, a king of Moab SchrCOT i, 281; = KAT2, 288; compare further BaeRel 13 f. 238, 256ZMG 1888, 471; ᵐ5 Ξαμώς); — god of the Moabites to whom Solomon erected a high place 1 Kings 11:7,33; 2 Kings 23:13; Jeremiah 48:7 (Kt כמישׁ), Jeremiah 48:13. Moab is ׳עַםכֿ Numbers 21:29 (ode) people of Chemosh, and Moabites his sons and daughters, compare Jeremiah 48:46. He is said to be also the God of the Ammonites Judges 11:25 (probably an error BaeRel 15 GFM).

כמז (√ of following; meaning dubious; Arabic is bunch, heap).

כמישׁ Jeremiah 48:7 Kt, see כְּמוֺשׁ. above

כמן (√ of following (si vera l); perhaps be hidden; compare Aramaic כְּמַן, , lie in ambush; Arabic id. is denominative from loan-word according to Frä243).


Or (Jer. 48:7) Kmiysh {kem-eesh'}; from an unused root meaning to subdue; the powerful; Kemosh, the god of the Moabites -- Chemosh.

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