3789. kathab
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kathab: to write
Original Word: כָּתַב
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: kathab
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-thab')
Short Definition: written

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to write
NASB Translation
decreed (1), describe (3), described (1), inscribed (1), prescribed (2), record (3), recorded (7), registered (3), registers (1), sign (1), signed (2), write (31), write them down (1), write down (1), write...down (1), writes (2), writing (1), written (126), written down (4), wrote (27), wrote down (2).

כָּתַב223 verb write (Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician כתב; Aramaic כְּתַב, Nabataean כתב, see especially Nö in EutNab. p. 43; thence Arabic Ethiopic book, DiLex. 852 (as loan-words, Frä249 DHMVOJ i (1887), 29); MV Buhl compare Arabic draw or sew together, conjoin (letters), etc., compare FlZMG 1873, 427) —

Qal Perfect ׳כ Joshua 8:32 +, כָּתַבְתָּ Jeremiah 36:6 +, suffix וּכְתַבְתָּם consecutive Deuteronomy 6:9; Deuteronomy 11:20, etc. (Perfect 27 t.); Imperfect יִכְתֹּב Isaiah 44:5, וַיִּכְתֹּב Exodus 24:4 +, etc. (Imperfect 39 t.); Imperative כְּתֹב Isaiah 8:1 5t., כְּתָבֿ Exodus 34:27 2t.; suffix כָּתְבָהּ Isaiah 30:8, כָּתְבֵם Proverbs 3:3; Proverbs 7:3; plural כִּתְבוּ Deuteronomy 31:9 3t .; Infinitive absolute כָּתוֺכ Jeremiah 32:44; cstr כְּתוֺב Psalm 87:8, לִכְתֹּב Deuteronomy 31:24; Joshua 18:8; suffix כָּתְבוֺ Jeremiah 45:1; Participle active כֹּתֵב Jeremiah 36:18, plural כֹּתְבִים Jeremiah 32:12; Nehemiah 10:1; passive (113 t.), כָּתוּב Joshua 1:8 +, feminine כְּתוּבָה 2 Samuel 1:18 +, plural כְּתוּבִים 1 Kings 15:7 +, כְּתֻבִים 1 Kings 11:41 +; feminine plural כְּתוּבוֺת2Chronicles 34:24; —

1 write:

a. with accusative, words Exodus 34:27, commandments Exodus 24:12, etc.; accusative of congnate meaning with verb מכתב Exodus 39:30, compare כַּמִּכְתָּב Deuteronomy 10:4; with כְּ, giving purport of writing, also Esther 8:8; but object also a book, סֵפֶר Exodus 32:32; Deuteronomy 24:1; מְגִלָּה Jeremiah 38:6, compare participle pass, וְהִיא כְּתוּבָה מָּנִים וְאָחוֺר Ezekiel 2:10 ( of מגלה; i.e. written on both sides); a letter, סֵפָר 2 Samuel 11:14; 2 Kings 10:1 4t., אִגֶּרֶת2Chronicles 30:1; a divorce-certificate סֵפֶר כְּרִיתֻת Deuteronomy 24:1, etc.; even לֻחֹת כְּתֻבִים tablets inscribed by the finger of God Exodus 31:18 compare Deuteronomy 9:10; מִשְּׁנֵי עֶבְרֵיהֶם ׳כ ׳ל Exodus 32:15 tables inscribed on both sides (compare Ezekiel 2:10 above) Here belongs (probably) ׳וְזֶה יִכְתֹּב יָדוֺ לי Isaiah 44:5 and this one shall inscribe his hand, 'Yahweh's', so ᵐ5 Hi Kn Che Br Du Di, Ges Ew De, shall sign (with) his hand unto ׳י.

b. more often write something on, or in (עַלֿ85t., בְ44t., אֶלֿ3t.) a tablet, roll, book, etc. (object various, as above): — (I) עַלֿ ׳כ followed by סֵפֶר = book Deuteronomy 17:18 55t., especially in phrase ׳כתובים עלסֿפר דברי וגו 1 Kings 11:41 + often Kings Chronicles; עַלמְֿגִּלָּה ׳כ Jeremiah 36:2; Jeremiah 36:28; Jeremiah 36:32; Jeremiah 38:29; עַללֿוּח(ותׅ ׳כ Exodus 34:1 7t., עַלאֶֿבֶן Deuteronomy 27:3 2t., עַלגּֿלָּיוֺן Isaiah 8:1; עַלמְֿזֻזוֺת בַּיִת Deuteronomy 6:9; Deuteronomy 11:20; עַלמַֿטֶּה on a rod Numbers 17:17; Numbers 17:18; עַלעֵֿץ Ezekiel 37:16 (twice in verse), עַלצִֿיץ (high priest's plate) Exodus 39:30; even (only Chronicles) עַלֿ followed by name of book or its contents: — עַלדִּֿבְרֵי נָתָן ׳כ2Chronicles 9:29; compare 2 Chronicles 33:19; ׳עַלמִֿדְרַשׁ וגו2Chronicles 24:27; עַלהַֿקִּינוֺת2Chronicles 35:25; figurative, עַללִֿבָּם ׳כ Jeremiah 31:83 I will write them upon their heart; compare עַללֿוּחַ לִבֶּ֑ךָ ׳כ Proverbs 3:3. (2) אֶלֿ ׳כ appears for עַלֿ ׳כ only Jeremiah 36:2 compare Ezekiel 2:10; Jeremiah 51:60. (3) בְּ ׳כ followed by ספר = book Joshua 24:26 (E) + 35 t.; = letter, bill, deed, 1 Kings 21:9 5t.; בִּמְגִלַּת סֵפֶר כָּתוּב עָלָ֑י Psalm 40:8 it is prescribed to me, על as 2 Kings 22:13 (N.B. עלֿ ׳כ not used with סֵפֶר = letter, and בְּ ׳כ not used with לוּחַ, אבן or עֵץ).

c. other uses of perp. with ׳כ are: — בְּ instrumental, בְּחֶרֶט אֱנוֺשׁ ׳כ Isaiah 8:1, בְּעֵט בַּרְזֶל ׳כ Jeremiah 17:1; כְּתֻבִים בְּאֶצְבַּע אֱלֹהִים Deuteronomy 9:10; Exodus 31:18; אֶלֿ ׳כ unto, of person to whom letter, etc., is addressed 2 Samuel 11:14; 2 Kings 10:6; Esther 9:13; עַלֿ substantive for אֶלֿ (late) 2 Chronicles 30:1; Ezra 4:7; Esther 8:8; the fuller construction is ספר וישׁלח (אֶלֿׅ ׳כ 2 Kings 10:1; Esther 8:10; Esther 9:20 +; אֶלֿ ׳כ write down for the benefit or use of some one, Judges 8:14; לְ to or for, Deuteronomy 17:18; Deuteronomy 24:1 +; note especially אֶכְתָּו֯בלֿוֺ רֻבֵּו֯ תּוֺרָתִי Hosea 8:12, i.e. either, I write (keep writing) for them ever so many (We, רֹב, compare Ew and most רִבּוֺ(אׅ a myriad) of my directions, or 'Though I write,' 'Were I to write,' etc.; ׳כ followed by ל with infinitive of purpose 2 Chronicles 32:17; Esther 8:5; with מִן in phrase ׳מִמִּי פ ׳כ write from the mouth of any one i.e. from dictation, Jeremiah 36:2,32; Jeremiah 38:6,17,27; Jeremiah 45:1.

2 = write down describe in writing, אֶתהָֿאָרֶץ ׳כ Judges 18:4,6,8 (3 t. in verse); Judges 18:9.

3 = register enroll Isaiah 10:19 (= record the number), 1 Chronicles 24:6; especially passive הַכְּתוּבִים Numbers 11:26 those enrolled compare Nehemiah 12:22; בְּשֵׁמוֺת ׳הַכּ 1 Chronicles 4:41 those recorded by name; in prediction, אֶתהָֿאִישׁ ׳כ הַזֶּה עֲרִירִי Jeremiah 22:30 register this man as childless; with eschatological reference, כָּלהַֿכָּתוּב לַחַיִּים Isaiah 4:3 all those enrolled (i.e. appointed) unto life; and, more explicitly, כָּלהַֿנִּמְצָא כָּתוּב בַּסֵּפֶר Daniel 12:1; יִסְמֹּר בִּכְתוֺבּ עַמִּים ׳י Psalm 87:6 ׳י shall reckon, when he registers (note absence of suffix) the peoples, etc.

4 = decree, תִּכְתֹּב עָלַי מְרֹרוֺת Job 13:26 thou (׳י) decrest against me bitter things.

Niph`al (chiefly late, especially Esther), Imperfect יִכָּתֵב Esther 1:19 +, 3 feminine singular תִּכָּ֫תֶב זֹאת Psalm 102:19; 3masculine plural יִכָּתֵ֑בוּ Jeremiah 17:13 3t., יִכָּֽתְבוּן Job 19:23; Participle נִכְתָּב Esther 3:12 2t.; —

1 be written, subject words Job 19:23, book Malachi 3:16; be written בְּסֵפֶר Esther 2:23; Esther 9:23, in, or among ב the laws Esther 1:19; once, with עַלֿ, עַלסִֿפְרְךָ כֻּלָּם יִכָּתֵ֑בוּ Psalm 139:16 in thy ׳י's book all of them (my members) are written, i.e. written down, recorded (see below); absolute כְּתָב אֲשֶׁר נִכְתָּב בְּשֵׁם הַמֶּלֶךְ Esther 8:8 a writing which is written in the king's name, compare (impersonal) Esther 3:12; impersonal also וַיִּכָּתֵב כְּכָלאֲֿשֶׁר צִוָּה Esther 3:12; Esther 8:9; ׳יִכָּ followed by לְ = for Psalm 102:19; followed by לְ + infinitive (really = a subject-cl., — the contents of the letter) Esther 3:9; Esther 8:5.

2 be written down, recorded, Ezra 8:34; enrolled, בִּכְתָב בית ישׂראל לֹא יִכָּתֵ֑בוּ Ezekiel 13:9 in the enrolement of the house of Israel they are not enrolled (eschatolog.); וְעִםצַֿדִּיקִים אַליִֿכָּתֵ֑בוּ Psalm 69:29 ("" חַיִּים יִמָּחוּ מִסֵּפֶר) — בָּאָרֶץ יִכָּתֵ֑בוּ Jeremiah 17:13 is difficult; Gie reads, plausibly, מֵאֶרֶץ יִכָּרֵ֑תוּ (compare Psalm 34:17; Psalm 101:8, etc.)

Pi`el frequently, Perfect and Participle, only כִּתֵּ֑בוּוּמְכַתְּבִים עָמָל Isaiah 10:1 and busy writers that make a business of writing oppression (i.e. register unjust sentences, compare Qal 4; "" הַחֹקֲקִים חִקֲקֵיאָֿוֶן).

כְּתַב verb write (see Biblical Hebrew); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular ׳כ Daniel 6:26 ל person + oratio recta [direct speech], Daniel 7:1 accusative of thing; 3 masculine plural כְּתַ֫בוּ Ezra 4:8 accusative אִגְּרָה; 1 plural נִכְתּוּב Ezra 5:10, accusative of thing; Participle active absolute feminine singular כָּֽתְבָה Daniel 5:5, subject יְדָא, feminine plural כָּֽתְבָן Daniel 5:5, subject אֶצְבְּעָן.

Pe`il (WCG 224) Perfect3masculine singular כִּדְנָה כְּ תִּיבEzra 5:7 thus (it) was written, so ׳כֵּן כ Ezra 6:2.

describe, record, prescribe, subscribe, writing,

A primitive root; to grave, by implication, to write (describe, inscribe, prescribe, subscribe) -- describe, record, prescribe, subscribe, write(-ing, -ten).

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