3807. kathath
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kathath: to beat, crush by beating
Original Word: כָּתַת
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: kathath
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-thath')
Short Definition: crushed

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to beat, crush by beating
NASB Translation
battered (1), beat (2), beat them down (1), broke in pieces (1), broken in pieces (1), crush (1), crushed (4), defeated (1), hammer (2), shattered (1), smashed (1), strike (1).

[כָּתַת] verb beat, crush by beating (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic כְּתַת); —

Qal Perfect1singular וְכַתּוֺתִ֫י Psalm 89:24; Imperfect1singular וָאֶבֹּת Deuteronomy 9:21; Imperative masculine plural כֹּ֫תּוּ Joel 4:10; Passive participle כָּתוּת Isaiah 30:14; Leviticus 22:24; —

1 beat or crush fine, of a potter's vessel Isaiah 30:14, the golden calf Deuteronomy 9:21 (+ טָחוֺן הֵיטֵב); a sacrificial vicitim Leviticus 22:24 (i.e. its testicles; + מָעוּךְ נָתוּק כָּרוּת); figurative of enemies Psalm 89:24.

2 beat, hammer (ploughshares into swords, compare Pi`el 2) Joel 4:10.

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular כִּתַּת 2 Kings 18:4; 2Chronicles 34:7; 3 masculine plural וְכִּתְּתוּ consecutive Isaiah 2:4 2t.; — as

Qal 1. beat or crush fine 2 Kings 18:4; 2Chronicles 34:7 (of images); figurative of devastating the land Zechariah 11:6.

2 beat, hammer (swords into ploughshares, compare Qal 2) Isaiah 2:4 = Micah 4:3.

Pu`al Perfect3masculine plural וְכֻתְּתוּ2Chronicles 15:6 and they were beaten in pieces, one nation against another.

Hiph`il Imperfect3masculine plural וַיַּכְּתוּ Deuteronomy 1:44 beat in pieces an enemy, suffix וַיַּכּוּם וַיַּכְּתוּם Numbers 14:45.

Hoph`al Imperfect3masculine singular וּשְׁאִיָּה יֻכַּתשָֿׁ֑עַר Isaiah 24:12 and to ruins is the gate crushed; 3 masculine plural יֻכַּתּוּ Micah 1:7 (of idol-images); figurative of warriors Jeremiah 46:5; of frail man Job 4:20.

beat down, to pieces, break in pieces, crushed, destroy, discomfit, smite, stamp

A primitive root; to bruise or violently strike -- beat (down, to pieces), break in pieces, crushed, destroy, discomfit, smite, stamp.

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