3852. lehabah or lahebeth
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lehabah or lahebeth: flame, blade
Original Word: לֶהָבָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: lehabah or lahebeth
Phonetic Spelling: (leh-aw-baw')
Short Definition: flame

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
fem. of lahab
flame, blade
NASB Translation
blazing (1), blazing flame (1), flame (12), flames (1), flaming (4), head (1).

לֶהָבָה noun feminine id.; — ׳ל Numbers 21:28 13t., לַהֶ֫בֶת absolute Job 15:30; construct Ezekiel 21:3; לַבַּת Exodus 3:3 (= לַהְבַּת; Samaritan להבת, see Di); plural לָהָבוֺת Psalm 105:32; construct לַהֲבוֺת Psalm 29:7; —

1 flame, in poetry ("" or + אֵשׁ, except Psalm 29:7; Daniel 11:33); of fire consuming (לָהַט) Dathan, etc. Psalm 106:18 (compare Numbers 16:35); wasting (לָהַט) mountains Num 83:15; consuming (אָכַל, בָּעֵר) chaff (in simile) Isaiah 5:24; of lightning (with hail) ׳אשׁ ל Psalm 105:32 (compare Exodus 9:24), Psalm 29:7 אֵשּׁ ׳ל (on text of see compare Che); simile of judgment, ׳אֵשׁ ל Lamentations 2:3 (verb אָכַל) Hosea 7:6 (verb כָּעֵר) Isaiah 47:14 ׅ ׳(מִיַד ל; compare Isaiah 10:17; Obadiah 18; ׳שַׁלְה ׳ל Ezekiel 21:3; figurative of drought Joel 1:19, of locusts' ravages Joel 2:3 (verb לָהַט in both); of war Numbers 21:28; Jeremiah 48:4 (both verb אָכַל); compare Daniel 11:33 ׅ "" (חֶרֶב; of calamity Isaiah 43:2; symbolic ׳נֹגַהּ אֵשׁ ל of ׳יs presence Isaiah 4:5 (compare Exodus 13:21); לַבַּת אֵשׁ Exodus 3:2.

2 point, head of spear 1 Samuel 17:7.

לַבַּת אֵשׁ Exodus 3:2 see לֶהָבָה above

flaming, head of a spear

Or lahebeth {lah-eh'-beth}; feminine of lahab, and meaning the same -- flame(-ming), head (of a spear).

see HEBREW lahab

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