3895. lechi
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lechi: jaw, cheek
Original Word: לֶ֫חִי
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: lechi
Phonetic Spelling: (lekh-ee')
Short Definition: cheek

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
jaw, cheek
NASB Translation
cheek (6), cheeks (4), jaw (1), jawbone (4), jaws (4), two cheeks (1).

I. לְחִי noun masculineSong of Solomon 1:10 jaw, cheek (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic לוֺחָא; Arabic ; on Assyrian la—û compare DlHWB 375, but = ?); — ׳ל absolute Judges 15:17; Micah 4:14; construct Judges 15:15 2t.; לֶ֑חִי 1 Kings 22:24 3t. + Judges 15:19 (twice in verse); suffix לֶחֱיוֺ Job 40:26; לֶחֱיָהּ Lamentations 1:2; dual לְחָיַיִּם Deuteronomy 18:3; construct לְחָיֵי Isaiah 30:28; suffix לְחָיַי Isaiah 50:6, compare Job 16:10, etc.; לְחֵיהֶם Hosea 11:4; —

1 jaw, jawbone, of animal, Judges 15:15,16 (twice in verse); Judges 15:17 (under jaw of ass), compare proper name, of a location רָכַת לֶ֑חִי Judges 15:17; in simile עַלּלְֿחֵיהֶם כִּמְרִימֵי עֹל Hosea 11:4 like those lifting up a yoke from upon (read מֵעַל ?) their jaws (Israel under figure of oxen); of sacrificial ox or sheep Deuteronomy 18:3; of crocodile Job 40:26; of Pharaoh under figure of תַּנִּים Ezekiel 29:4 (compare Ezekiel 29:3); compare Ezekiel 38:4; Isaiah 30:28.

2 cheek, of man 1 Kings 22:24 2Chronicles 18:23; Job 16:10; Psalm 3:8; Songs 5:13; Isaiah 50:6; Lamentations 3:30; Micah 4:14; of woman Songs 1:10; Lamentations 1:2 (figurative of Jerusalem).

cheek bone, jaw bone

From an unused root meaning to be soft; the cheek (from its fleshiness); hence, the jaw-bone -- cheek (bone), jaw (bone).

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