3924. lulaah
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lulaah: loop
Original Word: לֻלָאֹת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: lulaah
Phonetic Spelling: (loo-law-aw')
Short Definition: loop

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
the same as lulay, q.v.
[לוּלַי] noun feminine loop (probably from לולו; compare [דוּדַי] p. 188 above; ZehnpfBAS i. 635, compare Assyrian lu-lu, 'Schleife'); — only plural absolute לָֻלָאֹת Exodus 26:5 (3 t. in verse) + 8 t., construct לֻלְאֹת Exodus 26:4; Exodus 36:11; — loops on edges of curtains of tabernacle, matching the hooks (קְרָסִיםׅ, for joining the ourtains: Exodus 26:4,5 (3 t. in verse); Exodus 26:10 (twice in verse); Exodus 26:11; Exodus 36:11,12 (3 t. in verse); Exodus 36:17 (twice in verse) (all P).

לוּלֵי see לוּלֵא below לוּ.


From the same as luwl; a loop -- loop.

see HEBREW luwl

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