4885. masos
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masos: exultation, rejoicing
Original Word: מָשׂוֹשׂ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: masos
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-soce')
Short Definition: joy

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sus
exultation, rejoicing
NASB Translation
delight (1), exceedingly (1), gaiety (4), gladness (1), joy (7), joyful (1), rejoice (1), rejoices (1).

מָשׂוֺשׂ noun masculine: Isaiah 24:8 id.; — absolute ׳מ Isaiah 32:13 +, construct מְשׂוֺשׂ Job 8:19 +; suffix מְשׂוֺשִׂי Jeremiah 49:25, מְשׂוֺשָׂהּ Hosea 2:13; — exultation, in General, Lamentations 5:15 (opposed to אֵבֶל), Isaiah 24:11; Isaiah 66:10 (accusative of congnate meaning with verb); of bridegroom Isaiah 62:5; תֻּמִּיס ׳מ, Isaiah 24:8, בִנּוֺר ׳מ Isaiah 24:8; ׳בָּתֵּי מ Isaiah 33:13; of Jerusalem (as causing joy) Isaiah 60:15; Psalm 48:3; Lamentations 2:15, compare Jeremiah 49:25 (קִרְיַת מְשׂוֺשִׂי; "" תְּהִלָּה), Isaiah 65:18 ("" גִּילָה); דַּרְבּוֺ ׳מ (of godless man) Job 8:19; מְּרָאִים ׳מ Isaiah 32:14, i.e. desert. — ׳מ Isaiah 8:6, si vera lectio, is construct before preposition, but (מִמְּנֵי) מָסוֺס, Hi Gie Che Du Kit Marti and others

שֵׂחַ see שִׂיח

joy, mirth, rejoice

From suws; delight, concretely (the cause or object) or abstractly (the feeling) -- joy, mirth, rejoice.

see HEBREW suws

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