5461. sagan
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sagan: a prefect, ruler
Original Word: סְגָנִים
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: sagan
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-gawn')
Short Definition: officials

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
a prefect, ruler
NASB Translation
officials (11), prefects (3), rulers (3).

[סָגָן, סֶ֫גֶן] noun masculine prefect, ruler (loan-word from Assyrian šaknu, prefect of conquered city or province (√ šakânu, set, appoint DlHWB 659, compare SchrCOT Isaiah 41:25; apparently = Late Hebrew סָגָן, סֶגֶן, Aramaic סִגְנָא a superior (not high) priest; Mandean אשגאנדא WBrandtMand. Schriften 169 a candidate for priesthood; compare Jen in Brandtib.; hence perhaps Greek ζωγάνης, compare LewyFremdw. 129); — only plural סְגָנִים Ezekiel 23:6 14t.; suffix סְגָנֶיהָ Jeremiah 51:57 + Jeremiah 51:58 (where read probably סְגָנָיו ᵐ5 Gie); —

1 prefects of Assyr. and Babylonian Ezekiel 23:6,12,23; Jeremiah 51:23,57 (all + מַּחוֺת), Isaiah 41:25, of king of Medes Jeremiah 51:28 (+ מַּחוֺת).

2 petty rulers, officials of Judah (only Nehemiah Ezra in sources): distinguished from חֹרִים nobles Nehemiah 2:16; Nehemiah 4:8; Nehemiah 4:13; Nehemiah 5:7; Nehemiah 7:5; alone, Nehemiah 2:16; Nehemiah 12:40; Nehemiah 13:11; + יְהוּדִים Nehemiah 5:17 (see also Nehemiah 2:16); + שָׂרִים Ezra 9:2. compare Biblical Aramaic סְגַן.

prince, ruler

From an unused root meaning to superintend; a prefect of a province -- prince, ruler.

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