5643. cether
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cether: backbiting
Original Word: סָ֫תֶר
Part of Speech: noun masculine; noun feminine
Transliteration: cether
Phonetic Spelling: (say'-ther)
Short Definition: backbiting

סֵ֫תֶר noun [masculine] covering, hiding-place, secrecy; — absolute ׳ס Judges 3:19 +, ס֑תֶר 2 Samuel 12:12; Proverbs 25:23, סֶ֑תֶר Psalm 139:15; construct סֵ֫תֶר 1 Samuel 25:20 +; suffix סִתְרוֺ Psalm 18:12 (insert also "" 2 Samuel 22:12 ᵐ5 ᵑ6 Th Bu HPS), סִתְרִי Psalm 119:114; plural סְתָרִים Proverbs 9:17; —

1 covering, cover, הָהָר ׳בְּס 1 Samuel 25:20 under cover of the mountain, concealed by it; of clouds as covering for ׳י (shutting out his view) Job 22:14, of darkness (i.e. dark clouds) as ׳י's hiding-place (in theoph.) Psalm 18:12 (= 2 Samuel 22:12 see above), so רַ֑עַם ׳ס 2Sam 81:8 hiding-place of thunder; of adulterer מָּנִים ׳ס יָשִׂים Job 24:15 i.e. disguiseth himself.

2. a. hidng-place, 1 Samuel 19:2; Isaiah 28:17 הַמַּדְרֵגָה ׳ס Songs 2:14 (in figurative; "" חַגְוֵי הַסֶּלַע), of hippopotamus Job 40:21; figurative of Israel as shelter to Moab with מִמְּנֵי Isaiah 16:6, of ideal Israelite, as זֶרֶם ׳ס Isaiah 32:2, especially of ׳י as shelter: אָהֳלוֺ ׳ס Psalm 27:5, מָּנֶיךָ ׳ס Psalm 31:21, כְּנָפֶיךָ ׳ס Psalm 61:5, עֶלְיוֺן ׳ס Psalm 91:1, לִי ׳אַתָּה ס Psalm 32:7; compare Psalm 119:114.

b. secret place, of womb Psalm 139:15 ("" תַּחְתִּיּוֺת אָ֑רֶץ).

3 secrecy: ׳דְּבַרסֿ Judges 3:19 a matter of secrecy, secret matter; plural abstract intensive לֶחֶם סְתָרִים Proverbs 9:17 bread of utter secrecy (i.e. gained stealthily, "" מַיִם גְּנוּבִים); לְשֹׁן סָ֑תֶר Proverbs 25:23 tongue of secrecy, i.e. slanderous; elsewhere ׳בַּסּ in secrecy, secretly Deuteronomy 13:7; Deuteronomy 27:15,24; Deuteronomy 28:57; 2 Samuel 12:12; Jeremiah 37:17; Jeremiah 38:16; Jeremiah 40:15; Isaiah 45:19; Isaiah 48:16; Job 13:10; Job 31:27; Proverbs 21:14; Psalm 101:5.

סִתְרָה noun feminine shelter, protection, יְהִי עֲלֵיכֶם ׳ס Deuteronomy 32:38 (read perhaps יהיו, compare Dr) let them (the strange gods) be over you as a shelter.

backbiting, covering, covert, disguise, hiding place, protection, secretly,

Or (feminine) cithrah (Deut. 32:38), {sith-raw'}; from cathar; a cover (in a good or a bad, a literal or a figurative sense) -- backbiting, covering, covert, X disguise(-th), hiding place, privily, protection, secret(-ly, place).

see HEBREW cathar

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