6364. Pi-beseth
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Pi-beseth: a place in Egypt
Original Word: פִּי־בֶּ֫סֶת
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Pi-beseth
Phonetic Spelling: (pee beh'-seth)
Short Definition: Pi-beseth

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
a place in Eg.
NASB Translation
Pi-beseth (1).

מִּיבֶֿ֫סֶת proper name, of a location in Egypt (Pabast, EbGS 495, or Per-Bastet, GriffithHastings DB iii. 874, 'House of Bast(et)' originally P§i-wbaste according to SteindBAS i. 350, compare NavilleBubastis 44, 46, 48, 56, Greek Βούβαστις (Herodotus), Βούβαστος (Diod); — Ezekiel 30:17 ᵐ5 Βουβάστου (genitive), modern Tel-Bas‰a, near Za‡azi‡, approximately 30 miles north-northeast from Cairo. — See Herod.ii. 59 f., 67, 137 f., 166 Diodxvi.49, 51 Navillel.c.; Trans. Vict. Inst. xxiii. 137 ff.


Of Egyptian origin; Pi-Beseth, a place in Egypt -- Pi-beseth.

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