6716. tsiy
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tsiy: ship
Original Word: צִי
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tsiy
Phonetic Spelling: (tsee)
Short Definition: ship

I. צִי noun masculineIsaiah 33:21 ship (loan-word from Egyptian t'a£, according to Bondi66, compare ErmanZMG xivi (1892),123 DHMVOJ viii. 7, 165); — absolute צִי אַדִּיר Isaiah 33:21 a majestic ship; plural צִים Numbers 24:24 (JE), Ezekiel 30:9 (׳בַּצּ; but ᵐ5 σπεύδοντες, compare ᵑ6, whence Co Berthol אָצִים).

צִיּים, צִים see I, II. ׳צִ. צִין

proper name, of a locationsee צִן

צִינֹק see צנק. צִיעֹר see צער.

ציף see II. צוּף. I. צִיץ צִיצָה v, I.[[צוּץ].


From tsavah; a ship (as a fixture) -- ship.

see HEBREW tsavah

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