6901. qabal
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qabal: to receive, take
Original Word: קָבַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: qabal
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-bal')
Short Definition: accept

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to receive, take
NASB Translation
accept (4), accepted (1), made a custom (1), opposite (2), received (2), take (1), took (1), undertook (1).

[קָבַל] verb Pi`el receive, take (late) (Aramaic loan-word (and in Aramaic denominative) Gerber32, compare Aramaic (לִ)קְבֵיל in front, opposite, Biblical Aramaic לָקֳבֵל before, Old Aramaic, Palmyrene לקבל over against, Nabataean id., in view of; also Sabean לקבל in view of CISiv, No. 79, 11. 2. 4. 5. 8, Assyrian ‡ablu, encounter; verbs are: Sabean קבל accept, DHMZMG xxix (1875), 615; xxx (1876), 672; Arabic be in front, opposite, accept, admit; Ethiopic , especially III. 2, go to meet, accept; Late Hebrew קָבַל accuse, Pi`el = Biblical Hebrew; Aramaic קַבֵּל, receive); — Perfect3masculine singular קִבֵּל Esther 4:4 + (Esther 9:27 Qr קִבְּלוּ); 3 plural קִבּלוּ Ezra 8:30; Imperfect3masculine singular suffix וַיְקַבְּלֵם 1 Chronicles 12:19 (18 van d. H.); 3masculine plural וַיְקַבְּלוּ2Chronicles 29:16,22; 1 plural נְקַבֵל Job 2:10 (twice in verse); Imperative masculine singular קַבֵּל Proverbs 19:20, קַבֶּלֿ 1 Chronicles 21:11; —

1 take, with accusative of thing 2 Chronicles 29:22; Ezra 8:30; accusative omitted 2Chronicles 29:16, + ל reflexive = choose 1 Chronicles 21:11; receive, with accusative of person 1 Chronicles 12:19 (van d. H. v.1 Chronicles 12:18).

2 accept, with accusative of thing Job 2:10 (twice in verse); מוּסָר ׳ק Proverbs 19:20; accusative omitted Esther 4:4.

3 accept, assume, and obligation, followed by clause, Esther 9:23, followed by infinitive Esther 9:27 (+ עַל reflexive).

Hiph`il Participle feminine plural מַקְבִּילֹת shew oppositeness, i.e. correspond, one to (אֶל) another Exodus 26:5; Exodus 36:12 (both P).

קַבֵּל verb denominative Pa`el receive (Biblical Hebrew (late), (q. v.; ᵑ7 Syriac: properly come in front of, come to meet, compare German entgegennehmen); — Perfect3masculine singular קַבֵּל Daniel 6:1; Imperfect2masculine plural תְּקַבְּלוּן ye shall receive Daniel 2:6, 3masculine plural וִיקַבְּלוּן Daniel 7:18; all with accusative of thing.

choose, take hold, receive, undertake

A primitive root; to admit, i.e. Take (literally or figuratively) -- choose, (take) hold, receive, (under-)take.

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