7054. qamah
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qamah: standing grain
Original Word: קָמָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: qamah
Phonetic Spelling: (kuw-maw')
Short Definition: grain

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from qum
standing grain
NASB Translation
grown (2), standing grain (8).

קָמָה noun feminine standing grain; — absolute ׳ק Exodus 22:5 +; construct קָמַת Deuteronomy 23:26 (twice in verse); plural construct קָמוֺת Judges 15:5; — standing grain (mature) Exodus 22:5 (E), Deuteronomy 16:9; Deuteronomy 23:26 (twice in verse); Judges 15:5 (twice in verse); Isaiah 17:5; ׳לִפְנֵי ק 2 Kings 19:26 = Isaiah 37:27 **dubious, < read לְפָנַי קֻמְךָ ֗֗֗ and join to Isaiah 37:28: before me is thy rising up and thy sitting down We Bur Du CheHpt and others; compare below שְׁדֵפָה. (i.e. before maturity); in figure Hosea 8:7. — compare VogelstLandwirthsch. 51.

standing corn, grown up, stalk

Feminine of active participle of quwm; something that rises, i.e. A stalk of grain -- (standing) corn, grown up, stalk.

see HEBREW quwm

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