7101. qatsin
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qatsin: a chief, ruler
Original Word: קָצִין
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: qatsin
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-tseen')
Short Definition: rulers

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
a chief, ruler
NASB Translation
chief (3), chiefs (1), commander (1), ruler (3), rulers (4).

קָצִין noun masculineDaniel 11:18 chief, ruler (properly decider, compare DrDaniel 11:8); — absolute ׳ק Judges 11:6 +; construct קְצִּין Isaiah 3:7; plural construct קְעִינֵי Isaiah 1:40 +; suffix קְצִינַיִח Isaiah 22:3; —

1 chief, commander in war Joshua 10:24 (JE), Judges 11:6,11 ("" ראֹשׁ), Daniel 11:18.

2 dictator, Isaiah 3:67.

3 more Generally, ruler, man in authority, Isaiah 1:10; Isaiah 22:3; Micah 3:1,9; of ants, ׳אֵין ק Proverbs 6:7 (+שֹׁטֵר, משֵׁל). — Proverbs 25:15 read probably קֶצֶף (Toy).

קְצָוֺת see קְצָת. above

קצח (√ of following; meaning unknown; Late Hebrew קֶצַח = Biblical Hebrew; Arabic , seeds used for seasoning).

captain, guide, prince, ruler

From qatsah in the sense of determining; a magistrate (as deciding) or other leader -- captain, guide, prince, ruler. Compare Eth Qatsiyn.

see HEBREW qatsah

see HEBREW Eth Qatsiyn

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