7112. qatsats
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qatsats: cut off
Original Word: קָצַץ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: qatsats
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-tsats')
Short Definition: off

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
cut off
NASB Translation
clip (1), cut (4), cut in pieces (1), cut in two (1), cut off (6), cuts the in two (1), pieces (1).

[קָצַץ] verb cut off (Late Hebrew id., also קֵץ end; Assyrian ‡aƒâƒu, hew off, cut off, ‡iƒƒatu, boundary stone, BelserBAS ii. 120, 139, compare HilprAssyriaca i. 12; Arabic cut, clip, cut off; Aramaic קְצַץ, cut off, קִיצָּא, end);-

Qal Perfect2masculine singular consecutive וְקַצֹּתָה Deuteronomy 25:12 (accusative כַּמָּהּ); Participle pass plural construct קְצוּצֵי פֵאָה Jeremiah 9:25; Jeremiah 25:23; Jeremiah 49:32 (see מֵּאָה 1).

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular קִצֵּץ Psalm 129:4, ׳וְק consecutive Exodus 39:3; Psalm 46:10, קִצַּץ 2 Kings 18:16; Imperfect וַיְקַצֵּץ 2 Kings 16:17 +, etc.;-cut or hew off, thumbs, toes, Judges 1:6, hands and feet 2 Samuel 4:12; cut in two, spear (חֲנִית) Psalm 46:10, threads Exodus 39:3 (P), cords Psalm 129:4 (figurative); cut in pieces, vessels (of gold) 2 Kings 24:13; 2Chronicles 28:24; bases (הַמְּכֹנוֺת) 2 Kings 16:17 (so Kit Benz, transposing הַמִּסְגְּרוֺת), doors 2 Kings 18:16 (both, for the sake of metal sheathing).

Pu`al Participle plural מְקֻצָּצִים Judges 1:7 hewn off (as Judges 1:6 above).

cut asunder, in pieces, in sunder, off, utmost

A primitive root; to chop off (literally or figuratively) -- cut (asunder, in pieces, in sunder, off), X utmost.

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