7417. Rimmown
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Rimmown: Remmon
Original Word: רִמּוֹן
Part of Speech: proper name, of deity; proper name, masculine; proper name, of a location
Transliteration: Rimmown
Phonetic Spelling: (rim-mone')
Short Definition: Remmon

II. רִמּוֺן proper name, of deity, in Aramaic (Old Aramaic רמן in proper name Lzb369 Cook108; Assyrian Rammânu, god of wind, rain and storm (SchrCOT 2 Kings 5:18 ZimKAT 3, 442 ff. Muss-ArnJBL xi (1892), 172 JastrRei. Babylonian 156 ff.); Sabean רמן (CISiv, no.140, 209 Derenb in Kohut-Studies120ff.); etymology dubious; √רעם thunder Schr; √ ramâmu, roar DlHWB 624 and most; = 1. רִמּוֺן HomA. u. A. 98); — ׳בֵּית ר 2 Kings 5:18, בֵּית רִמֹּן 2 Kings 5:18 2 Kings 5:18; Ρεμμαν[θ]; — see also הֲדַדְרִמּוֺן p. 213, טַבְרִמּוֺן p. 372.

III. רִמּוֺן proper name, masculine in Benjamin, 2 Samuel 4:2,5,9; Ρεμμων.

IV. רִמּוֺן proper name, of a location 1. in סֶלַע הָרִמּוֺן cliff of R. Judges 20:45,47, רִמּוֺן ׳ס Judges 20:47; Judges 21:13; Ρεμμων; = modern cliff Rammôn, east from Bethel, BuhlG 100, compare GFMJudges 2 0, 45.

2 in southern Judah, ׳עַיִן וְר Joshua 15:32; ׳עַיִן ר Joshua 19:7 (both P), 1 Chronicles 4:32; = ׳ר Zechariah 14:10; Ρεμμων[θ], etc.; see עַיִן

2, p. 745, and עֵין רִמּוֺן.

3 in Zebulun Joshua 19:13 (Ρεμμωνα(μ)), = רִמּוֺנוֺ 1 Chronicles 6:62 (Ρεμμων); + Joshua 21:35 (read רִמֹּנָה for דִּמְנָה Di Benn Steuern); modern Rummâne, approximately 6 miles east of north from Nazareth (BuhlG 221).

Remmon, Rimmon

Or (shorter) Rimmon {rim-mone'}; or Rimmownow (1 Chronicles 6:62; 1 Chronicles 6:77) {rim-mo-no'}; the same as rimmown; Rimmon, the name of a Syrian deity, also of five places in Palestine -- Remmon, Rimmon. The addition "-methoar" (Josh. 19:13) is ham-mthonar {ham-meth-o-awr'}; passive participle of ta'ar with the article; the (one) marked off, i.e. Which pertains; mistaken for part of the name.

see HEBREW 'Ebets

see HEBREW rimmown

see HEBREW ta'ar

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