7708. Siddim
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Siddim: a valley near the Dead Sea
Original Word: שִׂדִּים
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Siddim
Phonetic Spelling: (sid-deem')
Short Definition: Siddim

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sadad
a valley near the Dead Sea
NASB Translation
Siddim (3).

שִׂדִּים noun [masculine]

plural in

proper name, of a location ׳עֵ֫מֶק הַשּׂ vale of Siddim Genesis 14:3 (identification with Dead Sea), Genesis 14:8; Genesis 14:10 (= vale of furrows ? or (Di after Onk Samaritan of fields (= הַשָּׂדִים); ᵐ5 ἡ κοιλὰς [φαραγξ] ἡ ἁλυκή; RenanHist. Israel i. 116; Eng. Tr. i. 98 WeIsrael u. Jüd. Geschichte. (3) 101 proposes הַשֵּׁדִים ׳ע demon-valley).

שׂדה (√ of following, meaning unknown; following plausibly connected with Assyrian šadû, mountain, used by people whose land was mountainous (compare Judges 5:18; Deuteronomy 32:13 +), by J P PetersJBL xii (1893), 54 f. and (simultaneously) BaES (1893), 65 f. compare WklAltor. Forsch. ii (1894), 192; JägerBAS ii. 282 compare Assyrian šedtum, pasture-land; Tel Amarna (Canaanite gloss) šatê WklTel Am. 180, 56; Phoenician שד = Biblical Hebrew, Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew, so Ecclus 40:22).


Plural from the same as sadeh; flats; Siddim, a valley in Palestine -- Siddim.

see HEBREW sadeh

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