8292. sheruqah or sheriqah
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sheruqah or sheriqah: hissing, whistling, piping
Original Word: שְׁרִקוֹת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: sheruqah or sheriqah
Phonetic Spelling: (sher-oo-kaw')
Short Definition: hissing

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sharaq
hissing, whistling, piping
NASB Translation
hissing (1), piping (1).

[שְׁרִיקָה] noun [feminine] hissing, perhaps also whistling, piping; — plural absolute (intensive) שְׁרִיקֹת Jeremiah 18:16 Qr hissing, in derision, + שַׁמָּה (see שְׁרֵקָה), Kt שרוקת; construct שְׁרִקוֺת עֲדָרִים Judges 5:16 as signal hissings (or whistlings, pipings) for flocks.

שׁרר (√ of [שָׁרִיר], שְׁרִירוּת, and perhaps of other words following; Old Aramaic שר be firm sound, Aramaic שְׁרַר be firm, hard, be firm, consistent, substantial, truthful, strengthen confirm : Aramaic and Late Hebrew שָׁרִיר firm, hard; firmness, strength, constancy).

bleating, hissing

Or (by permutation) shriyqah {sher-ee- kaw'}; feminine passive participle of sharaq; a whistling (in scorn); by analogy, a piping -- bleating, hissing.

see HEBREW sharaq

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