8650. toren
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toren: a mast
Original Word: תֹּ֫רֶן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: toren
Phonetic Spelling: (to'-ren)
Short Definition: mast

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a mast
NASB Translation
flag (1), mast (2).

תֹּ֫רֶן noun masculine mast (Late Hebrew id.; √ unknown; HoffmPhoenician Inscr. 27 f. conjecture תארן, from ארן, see אֹרֶן); — absolute ׳ת, of Tyre as ship Ezekiel 27:5; עַלרֿאֹשׁ הָהָר ׳ת Isaiah 30:17 ("" נֵם), i.e. a (solitary) standard-pole, flag-staff; suffix תָּרְנָם Isaiah 33:23 ("" נֵם חֲבָלִים.

תַּרְעֵלָה see [רעל].

beacon, mast

Probably for 'oren; a pole (as a mast or flag-staff) -- beacon, mast.

see HEBREW 'oren

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