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Pibe'seth (1 Occurrence)

Ezekiel 30:17 The young men of Aven and of Pibeseth shall fall by the sword; and these cities shall go into captivity. (See RSV)

Pibe'seth (1 Occurrence)
Pibe'seth. << Pi-beseth, Pibe'seth. Pick >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Pibe'seth (1 Occurrence). Ezekiel 30:17 The young men of Aven ...
/p/pibe&#39;seth.htm - 6k

Pi-beseth (1 Occurrence)
Pi-beseth. << Pibeseth, Pi-beseth. Pibe'seth >>. Easton's Bible Dictionary (Ezek. ...
(See JPS BBE YLT NAS). << Pibeseth, Pi-beseth. Pibe'seth >>. Reference Bible.
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Pick (37 Occurrences)

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