1 Chronicles 13:3
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
Then let us bring back the ark of our God, for we did not inquire of Him in the days of Saul.”

Young's Literal Translation
and we bring round the ark of our God unto us, for we sought Him not in the days of Saul.’

King James Bible
And let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we enquired not at it in the days of Saul.

Then let us bring back
וְנָסֵ֛בָּה (wə·nā·sêb·bāh)
Conjunctive waw | Verb - Hifil - Conjunctive imperfect Cohortative - first person common plural
Strong's 5437: To turn about, go around, surround

the ark
אֲר֥וֹן (’ă·rō·wn)
Noun - common singular construct
Strong's 727: A chest, ark

of our God,
אֱלֹהֵ֖ינוּ (’ĕ·lō·hê·nū)
Noun - masculine plural construct | first person common plural
Strong's 430: gods -- the supreme God, magistrates, a superlative

כִּי־ (kî-)
Strong's 3588: A relative conjunction

we did not
לֹ֥א (lō)
Adverb - Negative particle
Strong's 3808: Not, no

inquire of Him
דְרַשְׁנֻ֖הוּ (ḏə·raš·nu·hū)
Verb - Qal - Perfect - first person common plural | third person masculine singular
Strong's 1875: To tread, frequent, to follow, to seek, ask, to worship

in the days
בִּימֵ֥י (bî·mê)
Preposition-b | Noun - masculine plural construct
Strong's 3117: A day

of Saul.”
שָׁאֽוּל׃ (šā·’ūl)
Noun - proper - masculine singular
Strong's 7586: Saul -- first king of Israel, also an Edomite and two Israelites


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