1504. gazar
Lexical Summary
gazar: to cut, divide
Original Word: גָּזַר
Transliteration: gazar
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-zar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to cut, divide
Meaning: to cut down, off, to destroy, divide, exclude, decide
Strong's Concordance
cut down off, decree, divide, snatch

A primitive root; to cut down or off; (figuratively) to destroy, divide, exclude, or decide -- cut down (off), decree, divide, snatch.


H1504. gazar

גָּזַרverb cut, divide (Arabic , Late Hebrew גָּזַרcut, determine, circumcise; Ethiopic Aramaic גְּזַר‎, ) —

Qal Perfect גָּזַרHabakkuk 3:17; Imperfect וַיִּגְזֹרIsaiah 9:19; 2masculine singular תִּגְזַרJob 22:28; וַיִּגְזְרוּ2 Kings 6:4; Participle active גֹּזֵרPsalm 136:13; —

1 divide, cut in two, followed by accusative 1 Kings 3:25 (׳ג לִשְׁנָ֑יִם‎) compare 3:26 (object not expressed).

2 divide the Red Sea (accusative) Psalm 136:13 followed by לִגְזָרִים‎.

3 cut down הָעֵצִים2 Kings 6:4.

4 cut off (piece of meat to eat, but object not expressed "" אכל‎) Isaiah 9:19.

5 cut off, i.e. destroy, exterminate Habakkuk 3:17 (with accusative; indefinite subject), followed by מִן‎ local

6 decree (Aramaism, compare Biblical Aramaic) Job 22:28 with accusative

Niph`al Perfect נִגְזַר2 Chronicles 26:21; Esther 2:1, נִגְזָ֑רְתִּיLamentations 3:24, נִגְזָ֑רוּPsalm 88:6, נִגְזַרְנוּEzekiel 37:11; Isaiah 53:8; —

1 be cut off, separate, excluded from (מִן‎) temple 2 Chronicles 26:21, from (מִן‎) Yahweh's hand Psalm 88:5 (of the slain), from (מִן‎) the land of the living Isaiah 53:8 (of the suffering servant of ׳י‎).

2 be cut off = destroyed Lamentations 3:54; Ezekiel 37:11.

3 be decreed, Esther 2:1 followed by עַלagainst (compare Qal 6).


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