16. ebeh
Lexical Summary
ebeh: reed, papyrus
Original Word: אֵבֶה
Transliteration: ebeh
Phonetic Spelling: (ay-beh')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: reed, papyrus
Meaning: reed, papyrus
Strong's Concordance

From 'abah (in the sense of bending toward); the papyrus -- swift.

see HEBREW 'abah


H16. ebeh

אֵ֫בֶהnoun [masculine] reed, papyrus (etymology uncertain; = Arabic , Assyrian abu DlW, AGI) אֵבֶ֑ה אֳנִיּוֺתJob 9:26 (craft made of reeds, light & swift, Heliod.Aethiop. X, 460) = כְּלֵיגֹֿמֶאIsaiah 18:2.

II. אבה‎ (perhaps at least formally justified as stem of אָב‎ (construct אֲבִי‎), so Thes (compare below), but existence & meaning wholly dubious; as real √ BaZMG 1887, 609 ff. Ol§ 123 c; accusative to DlW p. 22 אבה‎ Assyrian abû = decide, אָב‎ = he who decides; Thes (so Rob Ges NöZMG xl, 737 & compare Sta§ 186 and others) makes אָב‎ noun primarily biliteral, imitating infant's speech compare πάππας, pappa, papa (compare Ew§ 106 a); also Assyrian bab JenZA 1886, 404).


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