1842. Dan Yaan
Lexical Summary
Dan Yaan: a place in Palestine
Original Word: דָּן יַעַן
Transliteration: Dan Yaan
Phonetic Spelling: (dawn yah'-an)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place in Palestine
Meaning: Dan-jaan -- a place in Palestine
Strong's Concordance

From Dan and (apparently) ya'an; judge of purpose; Dan-Jaan, a place in Palestine -- Dan-jaan.

see HEBREW Dan

see HEBREW ya'an


H1842. Dan

Yaan II. יַעַן‎ in יַעַן דַּנָֿה2 Samuel 24:6 see above.

יען‎ (√ of following; according to Ges EwGGA 1864, No. 27 Aramaic , avidus, cupidus; hence יַעֲנָה בַּת‎ = daughter of greed, of ostrich as voracious bird; but WetzstDel Job 31:39 = daughter of the desert or steppe, from hard, unproductive soil; compare the Arabic name father of the plains.)


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